Many people refer to Denis Simioni simply as the “Indiana Jones of the Beauty Care Industry”, a man who began a movement regarding the quest for rare and “wild-crafted” ingredients. His keenness and deep respect for Mother Nature and all of her rejuvenating and restoring simplicities is what initially drew him to her.

Off the grid but still traversing the globe, Denis was soon pulled back into the industry at the request of his mother and for personal health reasons, was back to formulating products.

His unrelenting admiration for the ancient science of Ayurveda and its connected philosophies, along with the indigenous knowledge conveyed by the elders representing their respective communities from which the plants were discovered, is the unceasing driving force behind Denis’s creations and innovations.

“Ancient Wisdom for Modern Beauty” is the mantra for Tweak’d by Nature and coincides perfectly with our outlook and beliefs. Denis’s philosophical appreciation for Nature’s ordered system of plant and mineral based health-providing remedies, all harnessed at their peak of potency, are the focal points regarding the synchronization and union of the mind and body, inducing harmonious peace and a revelation in the nourishment of perpetual beauty and wellness.

Equally as important are the wild-crafted and wild-harvested plants Denis unearths and presents to the beauty community as a whole, utilize time-honored methods of extraction, techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next, to honor and preserve their biological composition and effectiveness.

Wild-harvested or ecologically sustainable, the majority of the precious ingredients that Denis has uncovered come from extreme climates such as the high lying valleys and villages of the Himalayan Mountains where heightened UV exposure, droughts, and fluctuating temperatures are commonplace. In solemn pursuit of the heroes, Denis’s ideology is simple- in order for plants to survive and grow in such inhospitable environments; they must develop protective and reparative mechanisms and these protective and reparative features are then passed onto us when being applied to our hair and skin.

Rhythmical and universal, Denis’s philosophy founded on eternal traditional wisdom – as persuasive today as it was centuries ago.

Our ingredients are
Sustainably Harvested, Certified Organic &
Certified Wild Harvested.